News sheet for 25th October 2020

Contact details:  Minister: Rev. Lesley Dinham: Tel: 01933 312778

email: lesleydinham@gmail.com

Web address: hope-methodist.church


Services today:

10.30 am:  morning worship at Hope led by Mr M Langstaff

owing to Covid 19 restrictions, seating is restricted to those who have previously booked with the steward. 

(please see the ‘Reopening of Church’ for more information)

6.00 pm: service via zoom –  If you need the link for this Service, please email Rev. Lesley for details. 

On Thursday 29th October @ 7.30 pm: Discussion Group via zoom


Redevelopment news:                               

More Good News –

We have received a promise of £30,000 from a Trust towards the Redevelopment.  Keep up the good work that you are all doing to get to the total amount.   Especially keep praying for the outstanding applications and letters in other places.  Our witness, outreach work and presence in this area is needed more than ever.

With God’s guidance and determination, we will reach the target.  Finance Group

Christmas Cards – I have a selection of Christmas Cards, as well as the usual greetings cards.  I can sell in safety from home or I can deliver to your door.  Prices: 20p, 25p and 30p each.  June – t. no. 01933 355637

CalendarsHello everyone – I have created a calendar with some of my photos and extracts of mum’s poems to sell in aid of the church redevelopment for £8.00 (all profits to the church).  I will be selling them on Sunday mornings for cash or folk can contact me direct and I will give bank details for bank transfer.  Rachel 

Christmas Cards – I am proposing to make Christmas cards to order with all the money going to the redevelopment.

The price would be £5.00 for 6 of either the nativity and reindeer combination or the baubles and nativity combo.  The small cards with the star decoration would be £3.00 for 10.  Please contact Mary on 01933 650358 if you wish to order some cards.

Christmas Puddings for Sale – I am making Christmas puddings (serves 2) or individual ones in aid of the church redevelopment.  They cost £2.00 for 2 persons and £1.00 for 1 person and may I have your orders by 29th Nov. at latest please.  Veggie puddings available on request.  If we are back at church, I will bring any completed puddings with me from 13th Dec.-20th Dec., otherwise I will deliver to your home.  Please phone 07732 859211 or speak to me.   Thanks, Jason H.

‘GoFundMe’Please remember to pass on the message about this site, especially to those who may have some connection with either Rushden Park Road or Higham Ferrers, whether in the UK or abroad.  A more recent donation came from someone in New Zealand.  Using Pay Pal is both easy and secure.  People can also donate anonymously.  Thank you.


If you would like your Church Collections /monies/collected, ring Chris M on 317719 or Chris and Pip on 357965 and it can be arranged with pleasure. Every penny is greatly appreciated.


Hope Methodist Walking Quiz!   All proceeds are for the redevelopment of the Church and Community Centre.  We ask a £2 minimum donation for the quiz sheet to be returned with completed sheet.  For a chance to win £10.00 – fill in the answers and return by Sat. November 7th to:  28 Upper George St Higham Ferrers Northants NN10 8JN.  In the event of a tie the winner will be drawn from correct sheets and will be notified by November 21st – It has the advantage that it can be completed in small steps if required.  Please attach the entry fee with tape when returning it.  Many thanks.

Thank you to all who have donated to the Redevelopment fund by taking part in ‘Wash Hands Wednesday’.

All activities will take place with the current government ruling in place but if you have any ideas that will help raise money during the situation that we are in, please chat to the Event Co-ordinator Group

It is important that we show that we are still fund raising for our project as we go on applying to trusts.

Whitechapel Mission

As you may guess, like many things, we’re not able to do our usual Breakfast Challenges at Whitechapel due to the pandemic.

So, in the lead up to Christmas, we thought we could help out in a different way.  They are looking to make Christmas a little special for the hundreds of people who will come to the centre on Christmas day.  They are looking for a pair of new socks wrapped around a small bar of chocolate and then maybe wrapped in Christmas paper.   

(Please label male or female and size on the outside)

Can you help make Christmas Special for those sleeping on our streets?

If you feel you would like to help in this way either give us a ring on 01933 411145 so we can collect any donations or they can be dropped off at 74 Saffron Road, Higham Ferrers.  Many thanks for your ongoing support. 

Tony and Barbara

Please remember all who are still struggling with restrictions due to the virus, those struggling with various problems due to ill health; and those awaiting operations and other treatments.  We also remember those who would dearly love to ‘meet and greet’ members of their families to celebrate special occasions.  However people celebrate – may they be kept safe.

O God, from whom to turn is to fall, to whom to be turned is to rise, and in whom to stand is to abide for ever. Grant us in all our perplexities your guidance, in all our dangers your protection, and in all our sorrows your peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  (taken from the Methodist Prayer for the day by Augustine of Hippo (354-430)

The Pause for Prayer group meet, via Zoom, on Thursday mornings at 9.30 am.  If you wish to be involved and invited, please ring Nita Gould, Chris Marshman or Tony Packham.

Pastoral Visiting – if anyone is ill from our congregation please let our Pastoral Secretary, Janet know (tel: 356501),

so that their pastoral visitor may be informed.  If anyone is in hospital or bereaved or needs to speak to a Minister, please contact Rev. Lesley, and thanks to all who are exercising pastoral care to members and community

FOCUS GROUP   If anyone is in need of a card or phone call please contact Stephanie on 353481.

Thinking of you all with Love and Prayers until we meet again.

As you may guess, like many things, we’re not able to do our usual Breakfast Challenges at Whitechapel due to the pandemic.


Hope Methodist Church Walking Quiz Sheet

All proceeds are for the redevelopment of the Community Centre and Church building

We ask a £2 minimum donation for the quiz sheet to be returned with completed sheet

For a chance to win £10 fill in the answers and return by Sat. November 7th to:

28 Upper George St Higham Ferrers Northants NN10 8JN

In the event of a tie winner will be drawn from correct sheets winner will be notified by

November 21st.

Starting from Market Square Higham Ferrers

Who has designs on me?    
How long before you can return?    
Eyes right how many?    
If Harold is first who is last?    
How many flowers from my hair?    
I build homes but where?    
How many Lions are there?    
Where were refugees housed?    

Take walk through Church

Take a seat who do we remember?    
Who should beware at Church?    
My initials are R.A.H. how old was I?    

And so into Midland Road

Lady Penelope Chauffeurs first name?    
Established 1895 when was I rebuilt?    
Now closed what was I originally?    
Where is Leicester nest to Higham Ferrers?    
How far is Rushden?    
Who is near?    
What did the late Queen make?    

Turn left at Northern end

I was established 1895 what am I?    
Which Duke lives to the right?    
If my last name is Bolton what is my first?  

Take a left turn into street of education.

I can be found in the garden and country what?    
Where did 6 spinsters live from 1866?    
What colour male deer was here?    
9 bottles what footwear?    
Founded 1422 who closed me?    
In Wales I am red what colour am I here?    

Go through entrance opposite last clue.

What is Lloyds profession?    
Turn left in the road of spice but which one?    
What season is my backyard?    
Which Catholic Cleric is near?    
What music can be heard in Wharf Road?    
In Westfields who works at this club?    
Who are taught in this small school?    
Turn left into road of which river?    

Turn left again into the opposite of Low Street

Where do revolutionaries get their hair cut?    
Who has Hope here?    
A domestic fuel delivered by who?    
Where do those who cast spells take refreshment?    
Where is the lucky horseshoe?    
When did the Queen get a new head?    
There are 2 semi precious stones in this part of the street where?    

           Many thanks for supporting us and we hope you have enjoyed this quiz.

Name———————————————— Address——————————————————–

Postcode——————                               Phone number——————————- 


                            Judges decision final no correspondence will be entered into

The Church Plan can be found under the heading ‘Worship’