News sheet for 17th January 2021

Contact details:  Minister: Rev. Lesley Dinham: Tel: 01933 312778

email: lesleydinham@gmail.com

Web address: hope-methodist.church



Sunday 17th January: 10.30 am: this service has been offered by Zena Zakis

If you need the link for this Service, please email Rev. Lesley for details. 

Thursday 21st January: Pause for Prayer 9.30 am –10.00 am: If, at any time, you have a specific prayer request

but are unable to join the prayer group online, please contact Tony, Chris M or Nita so that it may be included in the next weekly meeting.  Thank you.  

If you would like to join the meeting please contact Chris, Nita or Tony (411145)

Thursday 21st January: Discussion Group at 7.30 pm – topic ‘A Methodist Way of Life’

Discussion Group/Lent Bible Study via zoom: 

Thurs 18 February at 7.30pm

Thurs 25 February at 7.30pm

Thurs 4 March at 7.30pm

Thurs 11 March at 7.30pm

Thurs 18 March at 7.30pm

If anyone needs a link, please contact Rev. Lesley



Hello to the knitters of the lovely angels.   We had lots of lovely comments and appreciation from the display of angels on the fence.  The angels have now been washed and dried and put into store for future use.  If anyone would like theirs back just let me know.  Chris M

If you enjoy knitting maybe we could do lambs, chicks, crosses etc for Easter.

Patterns to follow or maybe someone has some already.

Keeping going during lockdown a Quiz is included. You can use maps to help.  Answers will be given at the end of January so plenty of time.  If you can print the questions off and offer to a neighbour or carer without breaking the rules maybe they would donate £1 or £2 towards the redevelopment.  Donations please through the bank or to Pip, Tony or Chris M always welcome. Please label them Quiz donation.

All activities will take place with the current government ruling in place but if you have any ideas that will help raise money during the situation that we are in, please chat to the Event Co-ordinator Group

It is important that we show that we are still fund raising for our project as we go on applying to trusts.

If you would like your Church Collections /monies/collected, ring Chris M on 317719 or Chris and Pip on 357965 and it can be arranged with pleasure. Every penny is greatly appreciated.

Loving God, thank you that in your love, forgiveness and compassion you did not abandon all that you have

made but came amongst us in your Son, Jesus Christ, to heal, guide and transform.  May your life and love truly inform and shape all our hearts and minds for the challenges and the opportunities that lie before us. For those who struggle, may there be comfort and release; for those who would bring relief, may there be wisdom and strength; and for those who lead, and for us all, may eyes and minds, hearts and hands be open to see, love and respond, as you see, love and respond, for the sake and love of all. Amen. 

(James Tebbutt, Cumbria District Chair – taken from the Methodist prayer for the day)

Please remember Rev. Helen in your prayers

Dial-a-Prayer – FREE phone lines for prayers and news from the Methodist Church

Listen to a prayer: 0808 281 2514

Listen to news: 0808 281 2478 

Pastoral Visiting – if anyone is ill from our congregation please let our Pastoral Secretary, Janet know (tel: 356501),

so that their pastoral visitor may be informed.  If anyone is in hospital or bereaved or needs to speak to a Minister, please contact Rev. Lesley, and thanks to all who are exercising pastoral care to members and community.

FOCUS GROUP – Please contact Christine Chettle on 317847 if any members are in need of a phone call or card in January.  Wishing all Focus ladies the Blessings of Good Health and Happiness in 2021 until we meet again.

Greetings Everyone

I have been informed this morning from Helen Cameron that she isn’t well at the moment and so is unable to lead our worship. In haste therefore, I attach the Circuit Worship for THIS COMING SUNDAY and look forward to being with you all then. 

Please remember Helen in your prayers.  

With every blessing on your day

Rev. Lesley 


Linnets Lane, Higham Ferrers


Decipher the clues to find the names of towns and villages in Northamptonshire

1 Sailors jail with much merchandise  
2 Telephone call to shortened Edward  
3 Building materials costing  
4 Lacking in affection the remains of a fire for honey makers  
5 Further down a small university teacher  
6 Light powder in physical contact  
7 For always completed  
8 Swaying amateur radio operator  
9 The big driver joins a shallow crossing  
10 Lettuce before trees  
11 Small fish and 20 hundredweight  
12 Once every seven days  
13 Big muscles mineral matter  
14 System defect joins watercourse  
15 Badger in a stately home?  
16 Single place of worship  
17 Lot of talk for a candle part  
18 Small argument in a sphere of interest  
19 Cleric looking for clothes holder  
20 A place of imperfection  
21 Empty in good health  
22 Optical organs on the edge of a cavity  
23 Put away for future use  
24 Extra weight for pale red body part  
25 Without mettle or courage  
26 A little pie is determined  
27 Dated sea snail  
28 The possible future  
29 Sun-seeker’s colour could be painful  
30 No good being close