Hope Methodist ChurchNews sheet for 4th April 2021

      Easter Day

Contact details:

Minister: Rev. Lesley Dinham: Tel: 01933 312778 – email: lesleydinham@gmail.com

Web address: hope-methodist.church


Sunday 4th April at 10.30 am – today’s service IN OUR CHURCH BUILDING

will be led by Deacon S Kempson. 

Please note – Covid rules will still apply – booking, self-distancing, hand sanitising, no

singing and no coffee afterwards.  To book, please contact a steward on Wednesday for the following Sunday.

Traditionally the cross will be in place and it will be possible to put flowers on it –

one person at a time, keeping a safe distance.

April 4th – and via zoom: 10.30 am:  a service will be ‘live streamed from Irthlingborough’

April 8th – via zoom: 9.30 – 10.00 am: Pause for Prayer. If, at any time, you have a specific prayer request but are unable to join the prayer group online, please contact Tony, Chris M or Nita so that it may be included in the next weekly meeting.  If you would like to join the meeting please contact Chris, Nita or Tony (411145)

Sunday April 11th ‘Easter 2’ at 10.30 am – Rev. Lesley celebrating Holy Communion

and via zoom: at 10.30 am a service will be ‘live streamed from Irthlingborough’


REDEVELOPMENT UPDATE – Please see scroll down to view the latest photos and information

Friends and Family Friday ‘thank offering’ from 19th March – We are richly blessed with friends, family and church family judging by the recent thank offerings given in response to Friends and Family Friday.  £490 has been raised so far.  It is not too late if you still wish to give.  Thank you for your generosity and thank God for the people in our lives.

Photo CompetitionThis year the events group is intending to run a photograph competition.  Photographs will be judged by you at a coffee morning, when 12 will be chosen for a 2022 calendar so while taking the permitted exercise you may wish to take a camera with you to capture the local scenes.  The subject matter is open, so you may wish to photograph your garden or maybe a pet will inspire you.  All photographs must have been taken between September 2020 and September 2021, on an A 4 sized sheet of paper and not been in a previous competition.  Please write your name, telephone number and where the photograph has been taken or the name of an animal or a given title on the back. (Under no circumstances must you break the lockdown rules.)  It will cost £1 per image entry.  Entries will be displayed in October, for people to choose which images go towards the calendar.

Meanwhile – start snapping.

All activities will take place with the current government ruling in place but if you have any ideas that will help raise money during the situation that we are in, please chat to the Event Co-ordinator Group

It is important that we show that we are still fund raising for our project as we go on applying to trusts.


If you would like your Church Collections /monies/collected, ring Chris M on 317719 or Chris and Pip on 357965

and it can be arranged with pleasure. Every penny is greatly appreciated.

Holy Creator, who gives creation as a graceful gift and donates life to all within it, who holds creation in care

and love, and not with domination, who creates each second from nothing and impregnates it with grace,
grant that we may see the holiness of each moment and respond to it in love.  As creation hints at your

goodness and beauty, let us glimpse you beyond it; let us live in thanks and be as holy custodians of all you

have given.  Amen. (from the Methodist Prayer for the Day – Kerry Tankard, Yorkshire West District Chair)

We especially remember those families and friends who are grieving the loss of loved ones

but unable to attend funerals.

Pastoral Visiting – if anyone is ill from our congregation please let our Pastoral Secretary, Janet know (tel: 356501),

so that their pastoral visitor may be informed.  If anyone is in hospital or bereaved or needs to speak to a Minister, please contact Rev. Lesley, and thanks to all who are exercising pastoral care to members and community.

FOCUS GROUP – Blessings to all members and if you know of anyone needing a phone call or card

please contact Rosemary on 315936.

Please pass any notices to me by Wednesday and If you would like me to pass on a message – contact me by email if possible

evelyn.fitch@btinternet.com – and I will try to do that for you,

and I send Easter Greetings to you all


We are well on the way!
Photo 1 shows the downstairs, now the first floor has been completed. For those who knew the
old Church, the 2 doors and the window in the centre are on the High Street side. A new
doorway can be seen on the left of the photo for the Plant Room and store.
Photo 2 shows the new kitchen with the hatch on the right of the photo where you can see
through to the windows on the side nearest to our neighbours. The church window you can see
in the kitchen would have been the window Andrew sat with his back to when playing the ‘new’
Photo 3 shows what will be the Entrance/Foyer area. We will enter via the back of the Church,
through a new entrance, near to our temporary building. The door on the right leads to a new
Meeting Room and the gap on the left of the photo is the corridor leading from the Foyer to the
kitchen, toilets and Main Hall.
Photo 4 shows the upstairs now the floor is in place. The arches visible at the end are those
which were over the pulpit in the old Church. These will not be visible when the work upstairs is
complete as there will be the stairs, lift, toilet and upstairs kitchen at that end of the building.
Progress since the last update:
✓ The first-floor construction is now complete
✓ Re-pointing on the outside of the building is almost complete
✓ The stone mason has repaired the stonework at the front of the building
✓ Studwork on the internal walls is on-going
✓ Solar panels have been fitted
✓ The plumbers and electricians have started
We are getting closer to fulfilling our vision of a building fit for both Worship and Community
If you would like to help us to achieve our goal, please continue to pray for the work and you
may also like to make a donation via our Go Fund Me page: www.gofundme.com/help-to-redevelophope-
methodist-higham-ferrers or by cheque payable to ‘Hope Methodist Redevelopment Fund’, by
giving a cash donation to a steward or by bank transfer: A/C no – 81201824 Sort code – 403915.
Thank you for your continuing support to make this vision a reality.
The Re-development Management Team