Well on the Way!

Re-development Update March 2021  

We are well on the way!      

Photo 1 shows the downstairs, now the first floor has been completed. For those who knew the old Church, the 2 doors and the window in the centre are on the High Street side. A new doorway can be seen on the left of the photo for the Plant Room and store.

Photo 2 shows the new kitchen with the hatch on the right of the photo where you can see through to the windows on the side nearest to our neighbours. The church window you can see in the kitchen would have been the window Andrew sat with his back to when playing the ‘new’ organ.

Photo 3 shows what will be the Entrance/Foyer area. We will enter via the back of the Church, through a new entrance, near to our temporary building. The door on the right leads to a new Meeting Room and the gap on the left of the photo is the corridor leading from the Foyer to the kitchen, toilets and Main Hall.