C H U R C H   S E R V I C E   A T   H O P E   @ 10.30 am for APRIL and MAY 2021

please see the Weekly Newsletter regarding attending a service at Church


APRIL    4th           EASTER DAY                                                      DEACON S. KEMPSON

                11th        EASTER 2                                                             REV. L. DINHAM – HOLY COMMUNION

                18th        EASTER 3                                                             MRS V. ANSLOW

                25th        EASTER 4                                                             MR B. DRAPER

MAY      2nd          EASTER 5                                                             REV. L. DINHAM

                9th           EASTER 6                                                             REV. M. LANGSTAFF – HOLY COMMUNION

                16th        EASTER 7                                                             MR J. THOMPSON

                23rd         PENTECOST                                                        MR D. HUDSON

                30th        TRINITY                                                                MR J. HARDY

C I R C U I T   S E R V I C E S   V I A   Z O O M @ 10.30 AM