Safe guarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy for Hope Methodist Church.

The policy was agreed at a Church Council meeting held on 26th February 2019.

“The Methodist Church, along with the whole Christian community, believes each person has a value and dignity which comes directly from God’s own image and likeness. Christians see this as fulfilled by God’s re-creation of us in Christ. Among other things, this implies a duty to value all people as bearing the image of God and therefore to protect them from harm.

Hope Methodist Church is committed to the safeguarding and protection of all children, young people, and adults and affirms that the needs of children or of people when they are vulnerable and at risk are paramount.”

Taken from the full Policy available on request.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Name & Address of Church Hope Methodist Church Linnetts Lane, Higham Ferrers Assessment under taken by: The Church Stewards
Area of Building Assessed: Areas used for Worship Date of Initial Assessment: 17/9/20 Date to be Reviewed:  30/10/20
Think about the areas where contact takes place
Persons Affected
Think of anyone who comes in contact
1 = Seldom
2= Frequently 3= Certain or near certain
1 = Low
(minor injury)
2 = Medium
(serious injury)
3 = High (fatality)
Risk Rating
1-2 = low
3-4 = medium
6-9 = high priority
Additional Covid-19 Controls – Reducing Risk

Think of which prevention strategy that could be used in each scenario to reduce the spread of Covid-19

*If the building is listed, any changes need to be sensitive & reversible, please contact the Conservation Officer for further guidance. 
Action Plan

What needs to be done and by whom?
To prevent the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus

Social distancing            
Congregation/ Stewards/ Preacher/ Pianist 1/2 2 3-4 Social distancing

Maximum 25 seats for worshippers (Separate from presbyter, organist) Chairs numbered and floor marked with a cross 2m apart

Chairs repositioned for family groups

2m distancing lines on entry into the building to avoid queuing inside

Signs up to remind people of social distancing

Masks to be worn by all who are able. Spare masks to be available at the Church
Chairs numbered and not to be moved.

Floors are marked with 2 metre black/yellow/silver tape.

Chairs removed and 24 repositioned either singly or pairs for couples in same household.

Signs up reminding people to Socially Distance.
Air Circulation All 2 1 1 Windows and doors to be open. Open windows and doors.
Hand sanitising All entering and leaving the building. 1 1 6 Hand sanitisers/Hand washing

Hand sanitisers provided, two at entry into hall, one on exit, one in each toilet

Signs to remind people about the use of hand sanitiser on entry and correct hand washing

Wipes also available for use
Check hand sanitiser stocks and wipes. Provide pedal bins in the toilets with liners to be emptied at the end of each session.
Track and trace All 1 1 1 Track and trace

List available of members booked to attend worship

Steward to register attendees at entrance and confirm Managing Trustees have their contact details

The minister, Lesley Dinham to be informed in the first instance, if anyone has symptoms of the virus
Accident logbook available so stewards can promptly enter incident details

Data recording explanation from TMCP on display.
Organisation of entry and exit of the Church building Stewards 1 1 1 Organisation of entry and exit of the Church building

2 stewards on duty: Steward to welcome, control entry and keep record of those attending

Stewards to assist with egress
Steward standing in carpark or by the kitchen door recording and giving out place numbers.

Preacher to sit in place ready for service on arrival.
Communion Services Minister congregation 2 2 1-2 Organisation

Hand -Sanitiser to be used

Elements prepared by Minister only

Congregation informed to stay in their seats

Minister only to walk round serving
Congregation informed before hand and reminded on the day to remain seated.
Cleaning 3-4 3-4 1 Cleaning

To be done after each service or use of premises.

Disabled toilet only to be used – other toilets blocked off.
Gloves must be worn and discarded afterwards.

Empty bins, check sanitisers, wipe down chairs and surfaces etc.

Clean toilets, flush toilets and run taps.
Use of resources eg piano, hymn books, chairs All 1 1 1 Use of resources eg piano, hymn books, chairs

No singing to take place. Reading and listening only.

A collection plate to be available in the hall for the congregation to put in their offertory.

One steward to handle the plate and money.
One person to put out chairs using gloves. Leave books to collect up the following week.

Use a different set each week.
Offertory One steward on duty 1 1 1 Offertory

Attendees to place their offertory on collection plates as they enter or leave.
At the end of the service to be placed in a secure place and not counted for 72 hours.
Training and information All stewards and persons assisting. 1 1 1 Training and information

All Stewards and persons taking responsibility to have training in the procedures.
Information to be passed to those who may attend, including preacher via notices/or direct contact beforehand.

Give name to contact if they have any questions.

All necessary notices on display.
Legionnaire’s Disease 1 Testing  – water collected on 14.08.20 Result-Clear  Informed by phone